Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Is a Domestic Month

I typically find myself feeling quite domestic in July. The summer heat starts to keep us more indoors, the rush of school and early-summer travel is over, and somehow I just want to clean and rearrange.

This week I mixed it up in the living room, moving furniture that hadn't been shifted in years! Well, we move it out for special events, but then we put it back in the same place. This time, I decided that during the summer, our seating should be focused around the front windows, rather than the woodstove. This has never happened at the Schoolhouse before.

But we all love it, and I'm especially loving my new view as I come down the hallway (see above). The whole room seems larger and more full of greenery.

I've also been deep-cleaning my room--washing quilts, curtains, rugs, windows, flowerpots, polishing silver, rearranging the dresser, and all that . . . . also Daisy is at band camp AND turning thirteen, so I need some distraction.


Anne Staudt said...

I love your house and all your decorating. It is always so lovely. All the homey touches and things you have made. I love it all.

Rachel said...

I love it, too! You always inspire.

Unknown said...

I agree! I love it all too. You are blessed with the gift of making your home homey. I have been a reader of your blog for years,and I love your style. I love your posts about your home,and think you should do more,and give us readers some tips! :). I cannot believe Daisy is turning 13! But then again,so is my youngest . Blessings,Christina

Lisa said...

It can be very exciting when things at home are rearranged. Anything new is like a vacation! But Daisy can't be thirteen.


Carol Slater said...

I was just thinking last night about moving some furniture around. Must be a whim of summer.

Wendi said...

13?! Oh my, I've been reading your blog a LONG time!
I love your spaces!

The Momma Chronicles said...

I have friends who center furniture around the fireplace in fall and winter, and around the windows in spring and summer. :-)

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